Increase Mindfulness This Summer With Custom Fire Pits In A Relaxing Backyard


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Jun 06, 2023

Increase Mindfulness This Summer With Custom Fire Pits In A Relaxing Backyard

Greenwood Village, June 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Greenwood Village, Colorado

Greenwood Village, June 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Greenwood Village, Colorado -

CO based Fire Pit Outfitters is making it easier than ever before for homeowners to create a personalized fire pit to promote mindfulness. The company has already worked with numerous customers to build fire pits with restful spaces, and they are more than willing to share a few tips to help kickstart a new project.

Fire pits may appear to have no connection to mindfulness at first glance, but as many have already discovered to their delight, a well-built pit can have a significant positive impact on an individual's mental health. The trick, the company says, is to use it as an aid to meditation, which means it has to be built in a space that is dedicated to this role.

While there is usually no issue in using a fire pit for a multipurpose role, such as splitting its use between family gatherings and private meditation, it is advisable for homeowners to consider how often they will use the space for each of these reasons. The more disturbed a space is, the more difficult it might be for them to meditate and attain the right state of mind when they need it the most. The company also acknowledges that any source of shimmering flame can be used to practice with, but those who wish to meditate in earnest should consider building a custom pit that affords a truly relaxing experience.

To this end, Fire Pit Outfitters directs interested parties to take a look at their offerings. Fire pits can be built in all kinds of shapes, sizes and configurations, and it is important for a homeowner to carefully consider each aspect of their pit before committing to an installation. There are a few notable reasons for this, including the fact that getting it right the first time will mean less expense and waste. However, this can also help minimize frustration, especially since some may prefer to periodically change or update their meditation space in some way as time goes on. Certain aspects of a pit may be relatively easy to swap out, such as the shape of the burners, the decorative fill or accessories and so on, but other aspects would represent a sizable commitment.

The company has many options for their community to choose from. Many, for instance, find it appealing to conceal their fire pit inside a rustic wine barrel, but this may make it harder to achieve mindfulness if the flame itself is the primary focus. Fire Pit Outfitters says customers often find themselves enthralled with their copper gas fire pits, and some models may be better at showing off a flame than others. However, the most popular options tend to coincide with nature and tradition; the company says their stone fire pits never fail to draw attention from customers who want their backyard to feel little more than an outdoor version of home.

Alternatively, some might argue that the best method is to build the fire pit alone from scratch. While Fire Pit Outfitters is more than happy to build a custom fire pit to a professional standard on a customer's behalf, they have options for those who want to take a more hands-on approach (with limited assistance). Homeowners may try out the company's customizable DIY kits where the basic structure and materials for a fire pit are supplied by Fire Pit Outfitters. There are several sizes and configurations available, and customers are welcome to come back to the store at any time if they want new items or accessories once the pit is complete.

No matter what form a fire pit ultimately takes, the company urges homeowners to remember that it can still be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken. Lighting a fire in excessively windy conditions, for instance, is not advisable, and it is best to keep a fire extinguisher within reach at all times.

Homeowners are welcome to contact Fire Pit Outfitters directly for help building a custom fire pit for their outdoor meditation space this summer. The team will be more than happy to share more tips regarding construction, maintenance, safety and so on. Fire Pit Outfitters can be reached via phone, email and the company's official social media platforms.


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