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Mar 21, 2023

Bioethanol fireplace

If you have never heard of a bioethanol fireplace, we would like to explain main

If you have never heard of a bioethanol fireplace, we would like to explain main advantages of it, as well as ways of using it in your interior, in this article. Winter is just around the corner; therefore, it is a perfect time to consider this eco-friendly, easy-to-maintain heat source for your house or apartment.

Let's start with the fact that a bioethanol fire does not need a chimney nor a ventilation system to function, because it burns on bioethanol fuel. It will not only keep your building budget low, but this can also potentially save a lot of space, and the fireplace could be installed in a different, more elegant, and practical way. Bioethanol fuel is usually produced from organic materials such as potatoes, corn, or sugarcane. It means that only C02, heat and evaporated water are released during combustion. It also means that this kind of fireplace can be installed virtually anywhere in your home.

You can easily find just the fireplace that suits your taste and home decor, as they are available in many variants from, such as: wall-mounted, ceiling-hanging, or freestanding biofireplace. Please note that this kind of fireplace does not emit heat in the same way, a traditional wood-burning stove or fireplace does. However, a bioethanol fireplace will raise the temperature in the room by a few degrees, while adding a cosy atmosphere to the room. So, if you are looking for an easy way to prepare your home for winter and make it feel more luxurious and cosier, this is the solution for you!

Bioethanol fireplaces are available in many different design variants and models, and it is also possible to create your own built-in bio fireplace, that will exactly match your needs and desires. One of the possibilities we recommend, is building a media wall, that will incorporate both a TV set and a fireplace, or a wall design, that allows for admiring the flames from both sides of the wall. Not only will it provide additional warmth and cosiness in your home, but it will also attract attention and be the topic of many conversations. You can use a professional interior designer – get inspiration here.

Do you have an old wood-burning stove in your home, but would like to change it for something more environmentally friendly? It is actually very easy to transform such a fireplace into a bioethanol-fireplace. All we need is a bioethanol burner or a bioethanol insert – special types of burners that include a frame and are specifically designed to transform an old classic wood fireplace into something more modern. You just need to place the burner in the existing stove, and enjoy the ecological alternative, without the hassle of cleaning and spending a lot of time and money on maintenance.