Dzl Dzh Szl Automatic Coal/Gas/Biomass/Rice Husk/Wood Pellet Chips Firewood/Soild Waste Fired Oil Industrial Industry Steam Boiler Heaters


Dzl Dzh Szl Automatic Coal/Gas/Biomass/Rice Husk/Wood Pellet Chips Firewood/Soild Waste Fired Oil Industrial Industry Steam Boiler Heaters

Dzl Dzh Szl Automatic Coal/Gas/Biomass/Rice Husk/Wood Pellet Chips Firewood/Soild Waste Fired Oil Industrial Industry Steam Boiler Heaters

Overview Package size per unit product 420.00cm * 220.00cm * 360.00cm Gross weight per unit product 1600.000kg Product D

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Basic Info
Model NO. YLL
Function Water Boiler, Steam Boilers, Oil Boiler
Fuel Gas-Fired
Installation Packaged Boiler
Structure Water Tube
Media Organic Heat Transfer Material
Water Circulation Forced Circulation
Drum Placement Horizontal Boiler
Pressure Low Pressure
Manufacturing Level A
Burning Style Chamber Combustion Boiler
Usage Industrial
Transport Package Naked by 40′ Ot or Flat Rack Containers
Trademark QD Hammer
Origin Qingdao
HS Code 84021900
Production Capacity 10sets/Month
Packaging & Delivery
Package size per unit product 420.00cm * 220.00cm * 360.00cm Gross weight per unit product 1600.000kg
Product Description
YLL Series Vertical Organic Heat Transfer Heater
YLL series Vertical organic heat transfer heater have pipe rack structure, assembled
with mechanical chain grate; main body have convection and radiation
heating surface; radiation heating surface is assembled by two
radiation pipe square coil; convection heating surface is assembled by
serpentine radiation pipes.
It is increasing heating surface and low down the height of main body,
enhancing boiler overload ability.
This model can get less than 320C at under can be used
in chemicals, light industries, construction materials, food processing,
packing equipment ,plastic goods, rubber industries and so on.
Boiler ModelYLL-1000MAYLL-1200MAYLL-1400MAYLL-1800MAYLL-2400MA
Thermal PowerKW10001200140018002400
Working PressureMpa0.70.70,70.70.7
Max Outlet TemperatureºC320320320320320
Inlet TemperatureºC290290290290290
Heat Transfer Medium Heat Conduction Oil
Fuel Application II,III type bitumite
Circulating Oilm3/h100100100160200
Efficiency %≥73
Remark: This parameter is just for reference, for exact parameter, subject to our drawings

Boiler FAQs

Q: What different types of boilers are available?DZL type steam/hot water boilerSZL type steam /hot water boilerSHL type steam /hot water boilerWNS type steam /hot water boilerSZS type steam /hot water boilerSZW type steam /hot water boilerCFB type steam boilerYLW type thermal oil boiler/heaterYYL(W) type thermal oil boiler/heaterWNS type thermal oil boiler/heaterSZS type thermal oil boiler/heaterSZW type thermal oil boiler/heaterWaste heat recovery boilerSteam generatorQ: What is a fire tube steam boiler?A fire tube steam boiler is a boiler where the combustion gases from the burner are channeled through tubes that are surrounded by the fluid to be heated. The boiler body is the pressure vessel and contains the fluid. In most cases, this fluid is water that will circulate for heating purposes or become steam for use in processing.Each set of tubes through which the combustion gas passes, before making a turn, is considered a "step". Consequently, a three-step boiler will have three sets of pipes with the outlet located at the rear of the boiler
Q: What's advantages of our boiler?Wide Range of Fuel TypeApplicable for a various of light oil, furnace oil, natural gas, LNG, biogas, coke gas, methanol, biodiesel, etc.High Thermal EfficiencyNew and unique design with high thermal efficiency, which save running cost of buyerUnique Control SystemUnique three-elements control system with PID unit covered PLC, inverters, and HMI to reach high level automatic running of boilerQ: What is the turndown ratio of our boilers?our boilers feature turndown ratios of 5:1, means the boiler's minimum operating load is 20% of the boiler's full capacity (100% capacity)Q: How do I choose the right boiler?Firstly, check the actual steam pressure and consumption required at present, and discuss with management there are extra steam required or not in next five years.Secondly, confirm the boiler fuel type, then we will provide you an optimal boiler that take all factors in consideration
Q: How long does an industrial steam boiler last?The normal service life of a steam boiler is 10 to 20 years, provided that proper care and maintenance routines are applied to the feedwater and interior of the boiler.When considering steam boiler replacement, the three most important aspects to consider are safety, economy and changing requirements to perform the function for which it is operating
Q: What services for industrial boiler can offer?we offers its customers the following services for industrial steam boiler, thermal oil boiler and waste heat recovery boilers and steam generators:Customized boiler designs.Super quality boiler productInstallation and commissioning serviceOperators training serviceLifetime maintenance service
Q: What safety features do steam boiler have?Boiler shutdown protection due to water level lowBoiler shutdown protection due to continuous water level lowBoiler shutdown protection due to steam pressure highSafety valve over pressure protection.Automatic FWP on / offQ: What is the lead time of our boilerThe subject boiler will be delivered within 60 -90 days based on boiler capacityQ: What primary components for boilers are there?The most common accessories are:BurnerEconomizer and condenserFeed water pumpThermal deaerator (if necessary)ChimneyControl panelInstrument gauges and valveswe supply all types of complementary equipment for industrial steam boilers, and designs new equipment and tools if they are necessary for the final installation to meet its clients' expectations
Q: What are the optional items of boiler for buyer choose fromSteam and feed water flow meterPeriodic blowdown expander (if necessary)Continuous blowdown expander (if necessary)Thermal deaerator (if necessary)Q: What is the supply scope of boiler arranged by buyerWhole civil works engineering by SUTEX design drawingAll connecting piping (steam, feed water piping)All connecting cables (motor cables, single cables, main power supply cable)Some connecting valves from feed water pump pointChimney manufacture on site by SUTEX design drawingBalance flue gas ducting manufacture on site by SUTEX design drawingThermal deaeratorQ: How does boiler warranty work?The subject boiler is covered by a twelve months warranty against mechanical and/ or factory defects from date of test-run or 18 months from the date of shipment whichever comes earlier.we shall repair or replace the components, parts or accessories covered by warranty that had become inoperative within the warranty period but not covered caused by faulty operation from the buyer.we will provide lifetime service for boiler with cost when its warranty expired
Q: Who will be fitting my new boiler?Simply, a local professional boiler installing company will install the subject boiler under our engineer's instruction and supervisionQ: How long will my installation & commissioning take?Typically, the whole installation & commissioning work may take 1-4 months based on the subject boiler capacity
Q: How often should I maintain my boiler?Overhaul inspection and maintenance: 1-3 monthwe will provide detail brochure regarding how and when to do maintenance work during boiler running.