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Dec 21, 2023

The Best Bioethanol Fireplaces and Pits for Enjoying a Fire, Anywhere

A fireplace can make any home feel like a cozy cabin, but if you live in an

A fireplace can make any home feel like a cozy cabin, but if you live in an apartment, condo, or you don't have a flue, you might have assumed that owning one would be totally out of reach. But the truth is that there are fireplaces you can safely set up anywhere. The key is to choose the right fuel source, and one of the best options is bioethanol. A bioethanol fireplace can be set up indoors, even in a small apartment. Or, if you want an option for entertaining outdoors, you can invest in a clean-burning outdoor pit.

Chemically, bioethanol and ethanol are the same, but the difference comes down to how they’re produced. Bioethanol is a type of ethanol produced from crops such as corn or sugarcane. That means bioethanol is a more eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based fuels. Bioethanol is also clean-burning; it doesn't produce smoke or soot, and has minimal odor, making it a good option for an indoor fireplace.

Because of its versatility, you can find bioethanol fireplaces in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. There are options that are about the size of a large Bluetooth speaker, meaning you can set them up on your coffee table. Or, you can invest in a larger outdoor option if you regularly entertain. Since they burn cleanly, you don't have to worry about a messy clean-up the way you might a wood fire pit. If you’re ready to make your home feel like a retreat, we’ve picked out some of the best bioethanol fireplaces and fire pits to buy right now.


Ecosmart's Igloo fireplace is a good option for an indoor space. It has a modern look that works well for contemporary interiors. It consists of three glass panels with an elevated platform that houses the burner and flame. The burner is also adjustable. The unit is nearly 40″ wide, so it's best suited for a larger interior.

Buy: EcoSmart Igloo Fireplace $3,245.00


The Metropolitan fireplace from Anywhere Fireplace has a striking and modern design, with glass panels that add visual appeal while also housing and protecting the flame. The "hearth" is mounted into the glass, protecting your tabletop surfaces from the heat, while also giving the impression of a floating flame. The unit is just 8.5 pounds, so you can easily move it when it's not burning.

Buy: Anywhere Fireplace $169.99


This firepit from Ecosmart is one of the most striking and stylish options for an outdoor space that we’ve seen. It's available in matte black or stainless steel, and the metal pipes mimic the look of a wood bonfire. Like most of the options on this list, it's designed to be used with bioethanol. At 30″ high, it's a good option for gathering a group of friends on an outdoor patio.

Buy: EcoSmart Fire Pit $1,795.00


If you have a space for a fireplace but no fireplace, this option from Symple Stuff can be installed into a mantle or act as a free-standing fireplace. It's built from sturdy materials like stainless steel and tempered glass, which shields the flame while allowing you to enjoy the look of it.

Buy: Symple Stuff Fireplace $1,759.99


Many of Ecosmart's fireplaces have minimal, contemporary designs, and this fire table is no different. The rectangular shape and solid white color create a stylish look for an outdoor space. The fire itself is off-center, leaving space on the table for food and drinks if you’re entertaining, or just a place to prop your feet up if you’re hanging out by yourself. It can also work as an indoor coffee table.

Buy: EcoSmart Fire Table $2,995.00


This option from Millwood Pines is designed to mimic the look of a traditional wood fireplace, so you can enjoy a cozy cabin feeling. This kit is designed to be placed in an existing hearth to convert it into an ethanol fireplace. The fuel itself is not included.

Buy: Millwood Pines Fireplace $589.99


Danya B's bioethanol fireplace works on just about any tabletop, and it's affordable, too. It won't heat up the whole home, but if you’re lounging on the couch and want to warm up while enjoying the look of a flickering flame, this is a good fireplace to get. And since it only weighs 3.5 pounds, you can easily move it around (when it's not lit) to enjoy the fireplace anywhere.

Buy: Danya B Sophie Fireplace $49.99


HomCom's fireplace suits a variety of spaces, thanks to the unique design of this fireplace, which has something of a boat-shaped frame. The base is made from stainless steel with a bronze finish, and the fireplace includes curved glass panels, which act as flame guards.

Buy: HomeCom Fireplace $121.08


This option actually utilizes isopropyl alcohol and isn't compatible with bioethanol, but it's too cool to not include. The tiny fireplace is made from concrete, and it's available with either a white or black base. Since it uses isopropyl alcohol, it won't create soot or smoke, making it safe for an indoor space. And at 5.5″ x 4″, you can place it anywhere.

Buy: Flikr Personal Fireplace $99.00


Since pretty much all of these bioethanol fireplaces ship without fuel included, you’ll need to separately purchase fuel. EcoSmart e-NRG is a popular option, such as this four-gallon container. It consists of sixteen one-quart bottles, making for easier, mess-free pouring than a larger container.

Buy: EcoSmart Bioethanol $109.00

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